AoFAQ First Aid Qualifications

Awarding Organisation for Accredited Qualifications, AoFAQ offer a wide range of qualifications in regulatory, permit to work and general life saving skills. AoFAQ is the recognised awarding arm of the Association of First Aiders, UK’s largest first aid association, endorsed by the HSE, the Royal College of Surgeons and other leading organisations. In times of change where standards in first aid are unregulated and the need for employers to comply with statutory requirements paramount, AoFAQ’s relationship with the Association of First Aiders gives AoFAQ qualifications a credibility that is second to none. Centres offering AoFAQ first aid qualifications are authorised to display the Association of First Aiders’ logo, enhancing credibility to Centres and more importantly giving confidence to clients. AoFAQ's range of first aid qualifications are regulated by Ofqual, the Government’s office for qualifications. These are Regulated Qualifications and are recognised by Ofqual, CEA and Qualification Wales in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and are also awarded in Scotland and throughout the world.

First Aid and Associated Qualifications

Paediatric First Aid
Associated Qualifications