End-point assessment services

End-point assessment services

An end-point assessment (EPA) is the assessment process for the new apprenticeship standards in England. The standard framework of an apprenticeship requires it to have training and assessment throughout the programme and they all must have an EPA. It is designed to assess whether an apprentice has met the requirements of the apprenticeship standards and is capable in their role.

The EPA must be conducted by a registered assessment organisation, from the government's Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations, who are independent from the apprentices training provider and employer. This ensures that those following the apprenticeship standards are assessed consistently. The apprenticeship assessment organisation for the EPA is chosen by the Employer, who might make their decision based on a number of factors, such as the company’s reputation or track history.

By choosing PTS Training Academy as your apprentice assessment organisation you'll benefit from

Unrivalled support and expertise from end-point assessment experts who are time served in your occupational area.

A wealth of expertise in quality assuring delivery and assessment, that builds on our unique understanding of employer skills needs in our core sectors..

A flexible and responsive solutions-based service, with the first rate level of customer service that PTS is renowned for.

How is the EPA plan set?

The EPA plan is decided by employer groups, known as trailblazers, when the new standards are created. Each standard has its own assessment plan. Assessment methods include: skills observation, professional discussions, portfolios of work, projects and online multiple choice tests.

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